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Side-Lift Truck Deliveries

Cascade Container, Side-Lift Container TruckOur Side-Lift Truck effortlessly manages containers up to 45’ long or two 20-footers at the same time. It's designed for those moments when placement precision is key, perfect for lifting and placing containers that are ready to go with standard lifting castings.

Choosing a Side-Lift Truck:

Side-lift service is specialized and on the higher end in terms of cost, with charges accruing hourly for the round trip. It's an investment in convenience and precision, ideal for difficult-to-reach places or when you need to stack containers.

Strengths and Functionality:

This powerhouse can handle full containers, lifting and moving them with a capacity of up to 42,000 lbs—more for specific tasks. It's also equipped to stack containers two levels high if the ground is solid. We align the truck carefully, deploy stabilizers for a secure lift, and maneuver your container from the side.

Preparation Tips:

Let us know which direction you want the container doors to face on drop-off—it's all part of making sure your container is functional and accessible upon delivery.

With our Side-Lift Truck, you get more than delivery; you get precise placement, whether it's a full container right where you need it or expertly stacking them for space efficiency.

Cascade Container, Side-lift Truck with Modified 40' Container

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