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Shipping Container Sales & Leasing in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana

Container Canopies

Transforming Containers into Versatile Spaces

Cascade Container offers a wide range of high quality container canopies, providing practical, cost-effective, and versatile solutions for storage and warehousing needs. These canopies are transportable, offering a flexible alternative to traditional, permanent warehouses.Cascade Container - 40' Double Truss Canopy

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Protecting Your Valuable Assets

Our container canopies are designed to safeguard high-value assets such as big rigs, RVs, planes, boats, and more from harsh environmental elements.

Functional and Comfortable Workspaces

We specialize in modifying containers into functional spaces, ideal for workshops or offices. Our modifications provide a cool, sheltered environment, protecting you from extreme weather conditions.

Versatile Applications

These container canopies are perfect for a wide range of applications, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational, marine, construction, and aviation sectors.

Features of Our Canopies:

  • Durable, fire-rated, and UV-resistant PVC canopy.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel frames, available in single or double truss options.
  • Patented rail mount system.
  • 10-year factory warranty.

Compliant and Supportive

Our canopies exceed OSHA shade requirements. We offer comprehensive customer support, including assistance with local engineered specifications and permit requirements.

Installation Made Simple

Our canopies are designed for easy installation, typically completed within 1-3 days, with no welding required for single truss setups.

Engineered to Fit Your Location

Licensed engineers provide location-specific calculations to meet any local county or state agency requirements.

Available Sizes

  • 26’ x 20’ x 10’ Single Truss - Wind Loading 105 MPH20' Single Truss Canopy Dimensions
  • 40’ x 40’ x 13’ Single Truss - Wind Loading 105 MPH40' Single Truss Canopy Dimensions
  • 40’ x 40’ x 13’ Double Truss - Wind Loading 120 MPH40' Double Truss Dimensions
  • 60’ x 40’ x 17’ Double Truss - Wind Loading 120 MPH60' Double Truss Dimensions

Leading Provider of Container Canopies in the Northwest

Based in Central Oregon, Cascade Container takes pride in offering canopy sales across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. Our focus is to provide high-quality container canopies suited for a variety of needs and applications. With our roots in Central Oregon, we are dedicated to extending our reach and services throughout these regions, ensuring our customers receive the best products and support. Explore our range of container canopies and experience the Cascade Container commitment to excellence.

Pricing and Options

We offer a variety of canopy sizes and additional options such as back walls, front walls with rollup doors, and half walls. Pricing and availability are provided upon request.

For more information or to start your custom container canopy project, contact Cascade Container today.

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