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Shipping Container Sales & Leasing in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana

Container Grades

One Trip Containers

  • Our "One Trip" containers are top-tier, having only made a single voyage from Asia to the United States.
  • While not brand new, they are exceptionally close, considering containers aren't manufactured locally. These containers are the newest available for purchase in the United States.
  • They are typically painted in light beige or grey and feature high handles for easy access and lock boxes for added security.
  • "One Trip" containers offer the highest quality, having spent minimal time at sea, with any wear limited to tire marks or light scratches.
  • All our "One Trip" containers are constructed from durable 14-gauge corten steel with heavy-duty plywood floors designed to handle up to 60,000 lbs.
  • They are our most commonly available units and are ideal for modifications.

Cargo Worthy Containers

  • "Cargo Worthy" containers are inspected and approved for international maritime shipping.
  • These containers are structurally sound and often in excellent cosmetic condition.
  • If you plan to ship your container overseas, it's crucial to purchase a "Cargo Worthy" container.
  • "Cargo Worthy" containers are a great choice for modifications if you're looking for a cost-effective solution.

Wind and Watertight Containers

  • "Wind and Watertight" containers are the most economical option and are guaranteed weatherproof and vermin-proof.
  • These containers have retired from shipping lines, showing noticeable wear and tear.
  • They are readily available and provide secure weatherproof storage.
  • For a cleaner and longer-lasting option, you can consider paying a slightly higher price for "Cargo Worthy" or "One Trip".

Refurbished Containers

  • Our "Refurbished" containers are either "Wind and Watertight" or "Cargo Worthy" units.
  • They undergo thorough inspections, pressure washing, rust removal, dent repairs, and repainting.
  • "Refurbished" containers come in various colors, enhancing aesthetics and durability.
  • They are an excellent choice for custom colors and longer-lasting containers.

"As Is" Containers

  • "As Is" units have significant damage and are not suitable for stationary storage.
  • They may have major structural issues, making them unfit for weatherproofing.
  • We generally don't recommend purchasing "As Is" containers unless your needs don't require weatherproofing.
  • While they are cheaper, they carry risks and are usually not the best choice compared to other grades.
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