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At Cascade Container, we make delivery easy.

For standard deliveries we use a truck with a tilt-bed trailer to deliver your container. Our skilled driver backs into the delivery spot, tilts the trailer, and carefully lowers the container into place. 

For hard-to-reach places, we offer other services, ensuring your container is exactly where you need it. See below for more information. Cascade Container Delivery Truck

To Guarantee a Smooth Delivery, We Need Your Help

  • Prepare the Site: Confirm that the delivery area is flat and level.
  • Paperwork in Advance: Complete and sign the sales or lease agreement before the delivery date.
  • Schedule Ahead: Aim to give us 2-8 weeks' notice for your purchase or rental — the earlier, the better for smooth planning.
  • Clear the Path: Verify there's ample space for your container and clear any items or obstructions that might block the delivery truck's access.
  • Communicate Early and Often: Let our sales team know about any delivery obstacles, hazards, or clearance issues in advance. Also, on delivery day, please share this information with the delivery driver to ensure there are no surprises.

Your proactive steps help us deliver the outstanding and timely service you deserve from Cascade Container.

Container Delivery Options

Choose the perfect fit from our range of delivery options, each designed to meet the unique demands of your delivery site and container size.


40’ Tilt Bed TrailerCascade Container Delivery Truck with 40' Container

  • Best for: Large or multiple containers, with a total length up to 45'.
  • Flexibility: Can deliver a combination of smaller containers, such as two 20' units.
  • Requires: 120-foot straight clearance.
  • Learn More


20’ Tilt Bed TrailerCascade Container Truck & Trailer with 20' Container 

  • Best for: Single containers or combinations up to 24’ long where space is limited.
  • Requires: 80-foot straight clearance.
  • Learn More


20’ Tilt Bed Truck

Cascade Container - Tilt bed truck with 20' container

  • Best for: Delivering containers in compact urban spaces or areas with restricted access.
  • Capability: Handles individual or multiple containers up to a combined length of 24’.
  • Requires: 60-foot straight clearance.
  • Learn More


Flatbed Truck and Trailer

Cascade Container flatbed truck with 40' container

  • Best for: Delivering several containers over long distances.
  • Advantage: Cost-effective for larger loads if you have unloading equipment.
  • Learn More


Side-Lift Truck

Cascade Container side-lift truck with 40' container

  • Best for: Stacking, precisely placing, or moving full containers.
  • Versatility: Can transport two 20' containers or one up to 45' in length.
  • Learn More


Crane ServicesCascade Container crane with 40' container

  • Best for: Overcoming obstacles, stacking, and moving full containers in difficult locations.
  • Detail-Oriented: Requires clear communication for setup and execution.
  • Learn More


Comprehensive Container Services Across the Northwest

Cascade Container, rooted in Central Oregon, proudly provides container sales, leasing, and modification services across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. Our commitment to excellence in delivery and customer service ensures that whether you're buying, leasing, or customizing a container, you'll receive the best possible experience. We understand the unique demands of each region we serve and are dedicated to fulfilling your container needs with efficiency and care. Trust Cascade Container for all your container delivery requirements.

Start Your Delivery Journey

Cascade Container works hard to provide you with an easy and seamless delivery experience. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out

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