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20’ Tilt Bed Trailer Deliveries

For spaces where a larger trailer won't fit, our 20’ Tilt Bed Trailer is the perfect solution. It's designed for agility and can safely deliver containers up to 24’ long, right where you need them.Cascade Container Truck & 20' Tilt Bed Trailer

Delivery Process

  1. The trailer is maneuvered into position at your location.
  2. It then tilts to allow the container to smoothly exit the trailer, controlled and safe, as the truck inches forward.

Loading Orientation

We'll arrange the loading of your container based on your preference for door orientation, facing the truck's cab or toward the rear, ensuring it's just right for your site upon arrival.

Space Requirements

To facilitate a flawless delivery with our 20' trailer, we'll need an 80-foot straight-line clearance for 10' or 20' containers.

By providing the necessary clearance and specifying your preferences, you set the stage for a successful delivery. Cascade Container Truck with 20' tilt bed trailer and 20' containerCascade Container 20' container on tilt bed trailer

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