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40’ Tilt Bed Trailer Deliveries

Cascade Container Truck with 40' Tilt Bed Trailer

Our 40’ Tilt Bed Trailer is designed to transport a variety of container sizes, accommodating anything up to 45’ long. Whether you need a single large container or multiple smaller ones—like two 20’ units or even four 10’ units—we've got the flexibility to handle your needs.

Here's how it works

  • Our driver will reverse the truck to your specified location.
  • The trailer tilts, creating a gentle slope.
  • Your container glides smoothly off the back as the truck moves forward.

Choosing Your Container Orientation

When scheduling your delivery, we’ll confirm which way you’d like your container loaded. Whether you prefer the doors facing towards the truck's cab or towards the rear, we'll ensure it's positioned just right for your convenience upon arrival.

Clearance Requirement

For a 40' container, we ask for a 120-foot straight-line clearance to ensure there's enough space for the delivery to be carried out safely and efficiently.

By preparing the space according to these guidelines, you help us deliver your container precisely where you need it.Cascade Container Truck with 40' Tilt Bed TrailerCascade Container Truck with 40' Trailer

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