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Rental Return Guide

Making Your Container Return Easy and Efficient

Welcome to Cascade Container’s Rental Return Guide! We're here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free return process for your rented container. Please follow these simple steps to prepare your container for pick up, and remember, we're just a call away if you need any assistance!

Step-by-Step Guide

1.) Schedule Your Container Return

  • Please provide a 30-day notice before you plan to return your rental container. This advance notice is important for us to efficiently schedule your container pick-up.

2.) Empty and Clean the Container

  • Please remove all your belongings and sweep out the inside of the container.

3.) Report Any Damage

  • Accidents happen! If your container has been damaged, please inform us prior to pick-up. This allows us to prepare accordingly and maintain our commitment to quality service.

4.) Ensure Easy Accessibility

  • Make sure the container is not blocked and is easily accessible for our pick-up crew.
  • We need a straight-line clearance of 120 feet for 40' containers and 80 feet for 20' containers.
  • If space is tight, let us know so we can arrange specialized equipment (additional fees may apply).

5.) Remove Locks

  • On pick-up day, please ensure all locks are removed from the container. This helps us serve you faster and more efficiently.

6.) Settle Outstanding Invoices

  • Please ensure all invoices are paid prior to pick up. Timely payments help us keep our operations running smoothly and our services affordable.

7.) Be Aware of Potential Delays and Fees

  • To avoid delays, please ensure the container is ready and accessible as per these guidelines.
  • Please note, delays due to a blocked container or other issues may incur a charge of $150 per hour.

How It Works - Tilt Trailer Pick UpsCascade Container - Truck with Tilt Bed Trailer

For standard returns, we use a tilt bed trailer. Our truck will back up to the container, tilt its bed, attach a winch and chain, and then carefully lift the container onto the trailer.


Thank you for choosing Cascade Container!

We're committed to making your experience with us as convenient and pleasant as possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!Cascade Container | Rental Container Return

Cascade Container | 20' Rental Container 

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