40' High Cube One Trip Refrigerated Container

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Elevate Your Cold Storage with Cascade Container's One Trip Reefer Containers

Cascade Container is excited to enhance your cold storage solutions with our One Trip Refrigerated (Reefer) Containers. Just like our High Cube Containers, these Reefers are the newest in the U.S. market, crafted overseas and used for only a single journey. They arrive in top-notch condition, ready to offer unparalleled refrigerated storage.

Why Our One Trip Reefer Containers Stand Out:

  1. Advanced Refrigeration Technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration units, our containers ensure consistent temperature control, vital for sensitive cargo.
  2. Energy-Efficient Performance: Designed for optimal energy efficiency, these 3-phase containers keep your goods cool while minimizing energy consumption.
  3. Customizable Temperature Range: Whether you need to chill or freeze, our Reefers can be set to a wide range of temperatures, accommodating various storage needs.
  4. Robust and Reliable: Manufactured to the highest standards, they withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring your goods stay secure and well-preserved.
  5. 1-Year Warranty: Backed by our commitment to quality, each Reefer comes with a 1-year leak-free warranty for peace of mind.

Container Specifications:

  • Power Requirements: 3-phase power (380/460V) for efficient operation.
  • Temperature Range: Customizable settings to suit a wide array of refrigerated storage needs.
  • Insulation: High-grade insulation to maintain internal temperature regardless of external conditions.

Dimensions and Capacity:

Measurement Exterior Interior
Length 40 ft (12.2 m) 39 ft 6 in (12.03 m)
Width 8 ft (2.44 m) 7 ft 8 in (2.34 m)
Height 9 ft 6 in (2.90 m) 8 ft 10 in (2.69 m)
Specification Details
Tare Weight Approx. 8,750 lb (3,970 kg)
Payload Capacity Approx. 58,450 lb (26,510 kg)
Total Volume Approx. 2,694 cu ft (76.3 m³)

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One Trip Containers

One Trip Containers have made only a single journey from the manufacturer to their destination, ensuring they are in excellent condition. These containers offer the highest quality and durability, with minimal wear and tear. Ideal for those who require a long-term storage or shipping solution, they provide superior protection and longevity. Their pristine condition makes them perfect for transporting sensitive goods or converting into living or working spaces. Choose One Trip Containers for unmatched reliability and performance.

Cargo Worthy Containers

Cargo Worthy Containers are inspected and certified for cargo transport, meeting industry standards for shipping. These containers are robust and reliable, suitable for both storage and transportation needs. With their structural integrity intact, they ensure the safe and secure movement of goods. Cargo Worthy Containers are ideal for businesses needing dependable shipping solutions and individuals seeking secure storage. Opt for these containers to guarantee your items are protected during transit.

Wind and Watertight Containers

Wind and Watertight Containers are specifically inspected to ensure they provide complete protection against the elements. These containers are perfect for secure storage, keeping your belongings safe from wind, rain, and other environmental factors. Ideal for on-site storage, they maintain a dry and secure environment for your goods. Whether for personal use or business purposes, Wind and Watertight Containers offer reliable and weather-resistant storage solutions.

Refurbished Containers

Refurbished Containers have been carefully inspected and restored to a high standard, offering a cost-effective alternative to new containers. These containers provide a balance between quality and affordability, making them suitable for a variety of uses. Ideal for those who need dependable storage or shipping solutions without the higher cost of new containers, refurbished units are a smart and economical choice. They are perfect for both personal and commercial applications, ensuring reliability and value.

"As Is" Containers

"As Is" Containers are sold in their current condition without any repairs or modifications, making them a budget-friendly option for non-critical storage needs. These containers may have signs of wear and tear but still offer a viable solution for temporary or low-priority storage. Ideal for those looking to save on costs, "As Is" Containers are perfect for projects where appearance and minor defects are not a primary concern. They provide a practical and economical storage option for various needs.


Cascade Container Delivery Method

We use a truck with a tilt-bed trailer to deliver your container. Our skilled driver backs into the delivery spot, tilts the trailer, and carefully lowers the container into place. To ensure a smooth delivery, please provide enough clearance:

  • 80 feet straight-line clearance for 10' or 20' containers.
  • 120 feet straight-line clearance for 40' containers.

For hard-to-reach places, we offer crane services at an additional fee, ensuring your container is exactly where you need it.

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About Cascade Container

Headquartered in Bend, OR, we set the industry standard for renting and buying shipping containers across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service, we consistently prioritize our customers, ensuring easy purchasing and swift delivery processes.

Our outstanding reputation is backed by numerous 5-star Google reviews, attesting to our reliability and the quality of our service. Whether you're buying or renting, you can depend on us for the best storage solutions in the industry, all backed by a comprehensive 1-year warranty. With container depots nationwide, we proudly serve customers across the nation. We offer a wide range of options, including one trip, used, and both dry and refrigerated storage containers.

At Cascade Container, we focus on functionality and cost-effectiveness to efficiently meet all your storage needs. We are here to help - your satisfaction is our priority!


What our clients say about us:


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    Smart Equipment Financing


    Trust in Quality and Service


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