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40' High Cube Open Side One Trip Shipping Container

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*These container are available by special order only, please contact for more information*

Cascade Container introduces the One Trip 40' High Cube Open Side Container, a cutting-edge storage solution that combines versatility, accessibility, and near-new quality. These containers have completed just one overseas journey and are the newest you can find in the U.S. market. The unique open side feature allows one entire long side to fully open, offering unparalleled access and ease of loading large or bulky items.

Ideal for both commercial and personal storage needs, these containers are particularly useful in situations where side access is essential. Whether it’s for retail, event storage, or as a workshop space, the open side container provides flexibility that standard containers can't match.

About Cascade Container

Based in Central Oregon, with depots in Portland, Tacoma, and Salt Lake City, and a yard in Redmond, OR, we are well-positioned to serve your unique storage requirements. For specific details on our current stock of One Trip 40' HC Open Side Containers, please reach out to our sales team.

1-Year Warranty

Each container comes with a 1-year leak-free warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

Looking for something else? Click 'Contact' to reach out to our customer satisfaction team with any questions you have. We are here to help! Choose Cascade Container for your One Trip 40' High Cube Open Side Container, where quality, versatility, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

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